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       xfs_mkfile - create an XFS file

       xfs_mkfile [ -v ] [ -n ] [ -p ] size[k|b|m|g] filename ...
       xfs_mkfile -V

       xfs_mkfile creates one or more files. The file is padded with zeroes by
       default.  The default size is in bytes, but it can be flagged as  kilo-
       bytes, blocks, megabytes, or gigabytes with the k, b, m, or g suffixes,

       -v     Verbose. Report the names and sizes of created files.

       -n     No bytes. Create a holey file - that is, do not  write  out  any
              data, just seek to end of file and write a block.

       -p     Preallocate.   The  file  is preallocated, then overwritten with
              zeroes, then truncated to the desired size.

       -V     Prints the version number and exits.


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