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       sg_devfs_scan [-d <dir>] [-i] [-ide] [-l [-x]] [-q] <generic device>


       scsi_devfs_scan  is  a  utility  for doing a directory scan on a system
       running devfs to identify SCSI (and optionally  IDE)  devices.  Various
       information (including an INQUIRY) can be listed for each found device.

       -d <dir>
              location of devfs [default: /dev ]

       -i     show INQUIRY data for each SCSI device

       -ide   show scan of IDE devices after SCSI ones

       -l     show device file names in leaf directory

       -x     add (major,minor) information to ’-l’

       -q     just output host, bus, target, lun numbers


       Written by D. Gilbert


       Copyright © 2001 Douglas Gilbert
       This software is distributed under the GPL version 2. There is NO  war-
       ranty;  not  even  for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PUR-

sg3_utils-1.03                    April 2003                  SG_DEVFS_SCAN(8)

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