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     bootparamd is a server process that provides information to diskless
     clients necessary for booting. It consults the /etc/bootparams file to
     find the information it needs.

     This version will allow the use of aliases on the hostname in the
     /etc/bootparams file. The returned hostname to the whoami request done by
     the booting client will be the name that appears in /etc/bootparams and
     not the canonical name. In this way you can keep the answer short enough
     so that machines that cannot handle long hostnames won’t fail during


     -d      Display debugging information.

     -s      Log the debugging information to syslog.

     -r router
             The default router (a machine or an IP-address).  This defaults
             to the machine running the server.

     -f file
             The file to use as boot parameter file instead of /etc/boot-




     You may find the syslog loggings too verbose.


     Written by Klas Heggemann <>

Linux NetKit (0.17-pre-20000412November 8, 198Linux NetKit (0.17-pre-20000412)

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