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SGI DataSync Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-4463-001 / published: 2001-08-30)    table of contents  |  additional info  |  download
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About This Guide

This guide describes the SGI DataSync component of the SGI Graphics Cluster, which provides high-end graphics for visual simulation and virtual reality applications. The SGI Graphics Cluster uses either the Linux or Windows NT operating system and incorporates proprietary hardware and software from SGI.

SGI DataSync is a software component of the SGI Graphics Cluster Series 12 and is available only for Linux. The SGI DataSync component provides an API that enables data sharing across a cluster.


This guide targets applications programmers interested in creating graphics applications that can run efficiently in a cluster environment.

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SGI DataSync Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-4463-001 / published: 2001-08-30)    table of contents  |  additional info  |  download

    Front Matter
    About This Guide
    Chapter 1. SGI DataSync Overview
    Chapter 2. Sharing Memory Across a Cluster
    Chapter 3. ClusterFly—A Sample Application

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