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nn-tk-16.4: description + notes

nn-tk retains the basic structure of screen mode nn where you first select the articles in a group you want to read and then page through them. All the old nn commands should still work.

The TCL/TK code provides a GUI interface with command menus and buttons, the use of the mouse to select articles, a scrolling panel for displaying articles and group selection using either of scrolling panel or cascading menus. There is a panel that displays the Reference thread tree structure and this can be used for selecting and unselecting articles. Killing and selecting of articles can be configured using a GUI interface. If exmh is available then there is also an internal editor for posting items and the ability to send and read MIME and PGP messages as well as to turn URL's into buttons for passing to netscape (or another WWW reader). With exmh v2 there is the ability to display inline HTML.

After installing nn or nn-tk, you may wish to setup some configuration files.

  • Putting the name of your news server into /usr/freeware/lib/nntp_server will simplify startup.
  • /usr/freeware/lib/nn/init contains system-wide customizations. See init.sample in the same directory for a template.
  • Text placed in /usr/freeware/lib/nn/motd will be displayed each time nn starts.
  • Creating a publicly-writable /usr/freeware/lib/nn/Log file will let you gather some usage statistics. Although this version of nn was not built with ACCOUNTING or AUTHORIZE defined, you will still need to trim the Log file periodically.
  • /usr/freeware/lib/nn/nn-defaults can also be used to customize nn. See the man pages for details.
  • In the unlikely event that your mailier does not understand domain names, create /usr/freeware/lib/nn/routes. See routes.sample for a template.

To install this package, go to the SGI Freeware site.

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