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Introduction 1. Introduction These notes describe the base development environment (libraries, header files, etc., but not the compilers) of the IRIX 6.5 operating system from Silicon Graphics, Inc. This document contains the following chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Product Information 1.1 Release Identification Information Following is the release identification information for the development environment of IRIX 6.5: Software Products IRIXDEV Version 6.5 Product Code SC4-IRIXDEV 6.5 System Software Requirements 4D1-6.5 1.2 Online Release Notes After you install the online documentation for a product (the relnotes subsystem), you can view the release notes on your screen. If you have a graphics system, select ``Release Notes'' from the Help submenu of the Toolchest. This executes the grelnotes(1) graphical browser for the online release notes. Refer to the grelnotes(1) man page for information on options to this command. If you have a non-graphics system, you can use the relnotes(1) command. Refer to the relnotes(1) man page for accessing the online release notes. Note: You can read the online release notes for most products before installing the software. Refer to the booklet in your CD-ROM case for more information. 1.3 Product Support Silicon Graphics, Inc., provides a comprehensive product support maintenance program for its products.
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Installation Information 2. Installation Information Please carefully read the these instructions in this chapter and the information in the following chapters. The IRIX 6.5 Development Environment product (irix_dev) contains only optional software. It does not need to be installed if you are not doing software development. Please follow the instructions provided in the Software Installation Administrator's Guide. This product requires the IRIX 6.5 Execution Environment to be installed. 2.1 IRIX 6.5 IRIX Development Environment Subsystems The IRIX 6.5 Development Environment (irix_dev) includes these subsystems: irix_dev.sw.headers Development Environment Headers. Base System Development Documentation, 6.5/. IRIX Loadable Driver Examples. IRIX SCSI Examples. IRIX Priority I/O Development Examples.
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