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     vroom - slot car racing in the future




     Vroom is a simulation of slot car racing in a futuristic setting.
     Vehicles compete against the clock and opponents by racing around any of
     several race courses.  View vroom's on-line help facility for screen-by-
     screen game instructions.

     The game is played in two stages.  The first stage is the qualifying time
     trials.  During the qualifying run, you are racing against the clock with
     no other vehicles on the track.  The best lap time of the three laps
     allowed is used to determine the starting position for the race.  The
     driver with the best time will qualify for the pole position.  After all
     drivers (including computer controlled ones) have qualified, the race
     will begin.  The number of laps for the race is dependent upon the course

     Course records are maintained for the best qualifying lap and the best
     race times.  Current records for a course are displayed when previewing a

     The game can be played in a one- or multi-player mode.  In both cases,
     computer controlled vehicles will be added to the game so that there are
     a total of eight vehicles in the race.  In the one person game, the skill
     level of the computer vehicle drivers is selected by the player.  In the
     multi-person game, the skill level of the computer vehicle drivers is
     calculated based on the qualifying times of the human drivers.

     Driving the vehicle is very simple.  The speed of the vehicle is
     determined by the vertical location of the pointer within the race
     window.  As in slot vehicle racing, there is no special meter to indicate
     the speed - only the rate of track passing beneath your vehicle.  If you
     go too fast in the curves, your vehicle will fly off the track.  After
     three seconds, and if the coast is clear, your vehicle will be put back
     on the track.

     Clicking the left and right mouse button will cause the vehicle to change
     one lane left and right, respectively.  If you change lanes off the
     track, your vehicle will fly up in the air.

     It is possible to bump other vehicles off the track or force them to
     change lanes.  At higher speeds, a vehicle involved in a collision is
     more likely to wipe out.  The vehicle in front is also more likely to
     wipe out than the vehicle in back.

     After all vehicles have finished the race, the race results are
     displayed.  After viewing the results, you are ready to try your luck


     The speed of the vehicle is controlled by moving the mouse pointer up and
     down in the race window.  The speed increases as the pointer moves up.

     Lane changes are accomplished by clicking the left or right mouse buttons
     to change one lane left or right, respectively.  You can bump other
     vehicles as well as running off the track.

     The view can be toggled between a forward and rearward view by hitting
     the v key.

     The level of detail (LOD) in the track and vehicle affects how responsive
     the game is.  Hit the alt-d key to cycle through the different LOD's.
     The highest LOD is 0; the lowest is 3.  The game estimates the highest
     LOD to ensure a reasonable framerate, but it is quite likely that you
     will need to adjust it.

     The up and down arrow keys are used to control the audio volume.

     The b key toggles the small bars on the screen used to help guage your

     Hitting escape will exit the game.

     In one-player mode, alt-g can be used to concede the current game.  The
     game will restart with the computer opponent skill selection window.

     In multi-player mode, hit i to bring up a list of the drivers.

     Hit h to display a quick help summary.


     Three environment variables are checked by vroom.  Each variable
     overrides any other method of specifying the same information.

     VROOM_NAME sets your player's name.

     VROOM_DIR specifies the location of the data directory.

     VROOM_REC_DIR specifies the location of the record directory.


     A small number of resources are available for modifying some of the
     default values.  The application class name is Vroom.

     audio (class Boolean)
          Sets whether or not sound effects are enabled on start up.  The
          default value is true.

     defaultDataDir (class String)
          Specifies the location of the data directory containing the race
          course files, the audio files, the help files, and, unless
          overridden by the means described elsewhere, the track record files.
          The default directory is /usr/demos/General_Demos/vroom/data.

     defaultRecDir (class String)
          Specifies the location of the directory containing the track record
          files.  The default directory is the same as the data directory.

     mainHeight (class Dimension)
          Sets the height of the race window.

     mainWidth (class Dimension)
          Sets the width of the race window.

     name (class String)
          Sets your player name.  The default is your user ID.

     overlayFont (class FontList)
          Sets the font used in the race window overlay.

     ttl (class Int)
          Specifies the maximum number of times the multicast packets can be
          forwarded between networks.


     Vroom requires two entries into the /etc/services file in order to work
     across the network.  Ask your systems administrator to add the lines

     sgi-vroom-server        5138/udp

     sgi-vroom-client        5139/udp

     and then restart the network using the command "/etc/init.d/network

     For those users with diskless systems, be aware that vroom keeps its high
     score files under /var/IndiZone/vroom.  Therefore, if you have mounted
     /usr/demos/IndiZone from a diskless server, you will still need to have
     root create /var/IndiZone/vroom with permission of 777 in order to save
     out any records you may set while playing vroom.

     Vroom requires IRIX 5.2 or greater and OpenGL.  Use the program vtc(6) to
     create new race courses.


     /usr/demos/General_Demos/vroom/data/*.aifc, audio files.
     /usr/demos/General_Demos/vroom/data/*.vct, race course files.
     /usr/demos/General_Demos/vroom/data/*.help, help files.
     /usr/demos/General_Demos/vroom/*.rec, track record files.



     Chris Fouts, Silicon Graphics.

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