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     stat - display stat attributes of named files


     stat [ -idrlspkugcamtq ] [ -f fdesc ] names ...


     For each argument name, stat(2) that name and display the results.

     If -L is specified, use lstat(2) instead.  By default, display all the
     stat(2) attributes.  If specific attributes are requested, just display
     those requested.  If -q is specified, then just print numeric value of
     displayed attributes, without syntactic sugar, for easier use in shell

     -i   show inode number (st_ino)

     -d   show device (st_dev)

     -r   show raw device (st_rdev)

     -l   show link count (st_nlink)

     -s   show size (st_size)

     -p   show permissions (st_mode)

     -k   show kind - describe upper bits of st_mode

     -u   show user id (st_uid)

     -g   show group id (st_gid)

     -c   show last status change time (st_ctime)

     -a   show last access time (st_atime)

     -m   show last modification time (st_mtime)

     -t   show all three times

     -q   quiet - suppress all output except numeric value specified

          stat specified file descriptor fdesc instead of names


     stat(2), lstat(2),

     stat returns exit code of 0 if stat(2) was successful on all the
     specified names.  Othewise, it returns the number of names for which
     stat(2) failed, or 255, whichever is less.

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