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     dmtag - Sets or displays a file's site-defined tag


     dmtag [-h] [-n] [-t tag-value] [-v] [-w] [list]


     SGI systems licensed for the Data Migration Facility (DMF) and systems
     functioning as DMF clients.


     The dmtag command sets or displays a file's site-defined tag.  The value
     of the tag can be tested in the when clause of the SELECT_VG, SELECT_MSP,
     AGE_WEIGHT and SPACE_WEIGHT configuration parameters, its value being
     referred to by the keyword sitetag.  You can use this command to set tags
     on files that you own; the system administrator can use this command to
     set tags on any files.  You must be root to set tags on files you do not

     The dmtag command accepts the following options:

     Option         Description

     -h             Causes the list to be treated as a list of Data Management
                    API (DMAPI) fhandles rather than file paths.  The fhandle
                    is the DMF representation of the DMAPI name for the file
                    in the file system.  This option requires root privileges.

     -n             Directs the dmtag command to abort if the DMF daemon is
                    not responding or if the daemon stops responding while the
                    request is being processed.  The default is to wait until
                    the request has finished processing.

     -t tag-value   Specifies the value of the tag, which is an unsigned
                    integer in the range 0 - 4294967295.  Hexadecimal values
                    are assumed if it starts with 0x and octal if it starts
                    with 0.

                    If the -t parameter is omitted, the existing value is
                    displayed and not changed.

     -v             Specifies verbose mode. This option is useful for
                    administrators when trying to determine the cause of
                    operational problems between DMF client commands and the
                    server host machine.  This option might cause the command
                    to display more information regarding the cause of an
                    error than the command does without the option, if such
                    information is available. The option is not useful in
                    cases of normal client/server operation.

     -w             Waits until the tags of all files have been set before

     list           Specifies a list of file paths or fhandles. If the -t
                    option is specified, these files will be tagged;
                    otherwise, each file's tag will be displayed.  If you do
                    not specify list, dmtag processes file paths or fhandles
                    read from standard input.


     An exit status of 0 (zero) indicates that dmtag did not encounter any
     errors.  Any other exit status indicates that one or more errors


     dmf.conf(5) for information about when clauses.

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