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ProDev ProMP User's Guide
(IRIX 6.5)

Document number: 007-2603-005    (additional info )
Available Formats: PDF  |  HTML
This document analyzes parallel programs to assist the programmer in optimizing them. It supports the automatic parallelizing C, Fortran 90, and Fortran 77 MIPSpro compilers.

NOTE: A trademark attribution is missing from this document. OpenMP is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

size: 2782K / checksum ("sum" - algorithm #2): 7985
size: 1124K / checksum ("sum" - algorithm #2): 62949

Click on any of the available links in the previous table for a PDF or HTML (packaged) copy of the manual. The download file size is given for each entry. In some cases, certain formats might not be available.


To obtain hard-copy output of SGI books, you may use one of the following methods:

  • Download the PDF file for this book (which should be available). Print this file to an available printer using the print function of your PDF reader (e.g., Adobe® Acrobat or ghostview).

  • Download the PDF file for the book and bring it to a local copy store that has the means to print electronic (PDF) files.

  • Download the PDF file for the book and use an online print service. These services/websites often allow you to upload the PDF directly, as well as specify binding, shipping, and various other options.

Instructions for Downloading HTML Files

The HTML download consists of a single, complete "package" containing all HTML and graphic files for this manual (007-2603-005). This "package" is in a gzipped tar format. To open the package after downloading...

if using IRIX or Linux:

  1. % cd  <some_directory>
    % gunzip  007-2603-005.html.tgz
    % tar xvf  007-2603-005.html.tar
  2. This will create a 007-2603-005 subdirectory off the <some_directory> location specified above. You may then view the book using any web_browser as follows:
    % web_browser  <some_directory>/007-2603-005/index.html

if using Windows (note: an extraction utility program such as Winzip is needed):
  1. In Internet Explorer, right-click on the link, select "Save Target As...". Choose a folder (temporary or otherwise) to download the file to and set the filename to be <product>.tar.gz (example: "007-2603-005.tar.gz").

  2. After the download completes, start the Windows (file) Explorer, open the folder in which you downloaded the file to, and double-click the filename (example: "007-2603-005.tar.gz").

  3. Winzip (or your installed extraction utility program) should start. In Winzip, a prompt should appear: "...decompress to temp folder..." - click "Yes". Winzip will display a list of files that are included in the archive/package you downloaded. Click the "Extract" icon. In the resultant window, select a directory (folder) to extract the files into (C:\temp) and click "Extract". A new folder will be created in the chosen extract directory (folder). That new folder will be entitled "007-2603-005". Quit winzip.

  4. In the Windows (file) Explorer, open the newly-created folder ("007-2603-005") and double-click index.html.

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