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IRIX Interactive Desktop Integration Guide
(IRIX 6.5)

Document number: 007-2006-120    (additional info )
Available Formats: PDF
This manual explains how to integrate applications into the IRIX Interactive Desktop Environment. It is intended for programmers who are developing applications to run on Silicon Graphics workstations. This manual describes how to achieve the IRIX Interactive look and feel for your application-- using Schemes and the enhanced look, using new widgets provided by Silicon Graphics, setting window and session management properties, creating unique images for minimized windows, using the File Alteration Monitor, and tips for using fonts. The manual also shows you how to create Desktop icons for your application--drawing icons using IconSmith, programming icons using file typing rules, and installing icons in the Icon Catalog. You can internationalize your application by generalizing it so that it can easily be customized--or localized--to run in more than one language environment. Finally, information is provided for packaging your application for installation. This involves using the Software Packager tool so that users can install your product with Software Manager, the Silicon Graphics software installation and management tool. (Software Manager provides a graphical interface for you to install your product.)

size: 1957K / checksum ("sum" - algorithm #2): 15372

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To obtain hard-copy output of SGI books, you may use one of the following methods:

  • Download the PDF file for this book (which should be available). Print this file to an available printer using the print function of your PDF reader (e.g., Adobe® Acrobat or ghostview).

  • Download the PDF file for the book and bring it to a local copy store that has the means to print electronic (PDF) files.

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Instructions for Downloading HTML Files

The HTML download consists of a single, complete "package" containing all HTML and graphic files for this manual (007-2006-120). This "package" is in a gzipped tar format. To open the package after downloading...

if using IRIX or Linux:

  1. % cd  <some_directory>
    % gunzip  007-2006-120.html.tgz
    % tar xvf  007-2006-120.html.tar
  2. This will create a 007-2006-120 subdirectory off the <some_directory> location specified above. You may then view the book using any web_browser as follows:
    % web_browser  <some_directory>/007-2006-120/index.html

if using Windows (note: an extraction utility program such as Winzip is needed):
  1. In Internet Explorer, right-click on the link, select "Save Target As...". Choose a folder (temporary or otherwise) to download the file to and set the filename to be <product>.tar.gz (example: "007-2006-120.tar.gz").

  2. After the download completes, start the Windows (file) Explorer, open the folder in which you downloaded the file to, and double-click the filename (example: "007-2006-120.tar.gz").

  3. Winzip (or your installed extraction utility program) should start. In Winzip, a prompt should appear: "...decompress to temp folder..." - click "Yes". Winzip will display a list of files that are included in the archive/package you downloaded. Click the "Extract" icon. In the resultant window, select a directory (folder) to extract the files into (C:\temp) and click "Extract". A new folder will be created in the chosen extract directory (folder). That new folder will be entitled "007-2006-120". Quit winzip.

  4. In the Windows (file) Explorer, open the newly-created folder ("007-2006-120") and double-click index.html.

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