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    REACT™ Real-Time for Linux Programmer Guide
    (document number: 007-4746-023  /  published: 2015-11-03)   additional info | download

    This guide describes the facilities of REACT real-time for Linux. A real-time program is one that must maintain a fixed timing relationship to external hardware. In order to respond to the hardware quickly and reliably, a real-time program must have special support from the system software and hardware. This guide discusses how Linux and REACT support real-time programs, controlling CPU workload, using the frame scheduler, optimizing disk I/O, using PCI devices, generating a REACT system configuration, and using the SLES LTTng feature. It also provides installation and troubleshooting information.

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       Front Matter
       New Features in this Guide
     + About This Guide
     + Chapter 1. Introduction
     + Chapter 2. Linux and REACT Support for Real-Time Programs
     + Chapter 3. External Interrupts
     + Chapter 4. CPU Workload
     + Chapter 5. Using the Frame Scheduler
     + Chapter 6. Disk I/O Optimization
       Chapter 7. PCI Devices
     + Chapter 8. User-Level Interrupts
     + Chapter 9. REACT System Configuration
     + Chapter 10. Using the REACT Library
     + Chapter 11. SLES LTTng
     + Chapter 12. Troubleshooting
       Appendix A. libreact API Example
       Appendix B. High-Resolution Timer Example
     + Appendix C. Sample User-Level Interrupt Programs

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