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    OpenVault™ Application Programmer's Guide
    (document number: 007-3216-005  /  published: 2003-09-12)   additional info | download

    This guide describes how to write OpenVault client applications that make requests, which the media library manager fulfills by directing control programs to perform media management operations (including mount and unmount) on storage devices. OpenVault is middleware that allows multiple applications to manage removable media. The product supports a wide range of removable media libraries and drives, and helps simplify the administration and programming of such devices.

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       Front Matter
       New Features in This Guide
     + About This Guide
     + Chapter 1. OpenVault Overview
     + Chapter 2. Client and Administrative API
     - Chapter 3. OpenVault Programming with Perl
           Disabling Security
         + Programming OpenVault with Perl
         + Sample Perl Scripts
     + Chapter 4. Programming the C Interface
     + Appendix A. Error Messages
     + Appendix B. Syntax Specification

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