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    Linux® Application Tuning Guide for SGI® X86-64 Based Systems

    table of contents (expand all | collapse all)  |  list of figures  |  list of tables  |  list of examples  |  list of procedures  |  

       Front Matter
     - New Features in This Manual
           Major Documentation Changes
     - About This Document
         - Related Publications
               Related Operating System Documentation
               Hardware Reference Manuals
               Application Guides
           Obtaining Publications
           Reader Comments
     - Chapter 1. System Overview
           Scalable Computing
           An Overview of SGI System Architecture
           The Basics of Memory Management
     - Chapter 2. The SGI Compiling Environment
           Compiler Overview
           Environment Modules
         - Library Overview
               Static Libraries
               Dynamic Libraries
               C/C++ Libraries
               SHMEM Message Passing Libraries
           Other Compiling Environment Features
     + Chapter 3. Performance Analysis and Debugging
     - Chapter 4. Monitoring Tools
         - System Monitoring Tools
             - Hardware Inventory and Usage Commands
                   hwinfo(1) Command
                   topology(1) Command
                   gtopology(1) Command
             - Performance Co-Pilot Monitoring Tools
                   hubstats(1) Command
                   linkstat-uv(1) Command
                   Other Performance Co-Pilot Monitoring Tools
               System Usage Commands
               Memory Statistics and nodeinfo Command
     - Chapter 5. Data Placement Tools
         - Data Placement Tools Overview
               Distributed Shared Memory (DSM)
               ccNUMA Architecture
               Cache Coherency
               Non-uniform Memory Access (NUMA)
           Data Placement Practices
           taskset Command
         - dplace Command
               Using the dplace Command
               dplace for Compute Thread Placement Troubleshooting Case Study
         - dlook Command
               Using the dlook Command
           omplace Command
           numactl Command
           Installing NUMA Tools
         + An Overview of the Advantages Gained by Using Cpusets
     - Chapter 6. Performance Tuning
         - Single Processor Code Tuning
               Getting the Correct Results
               Managing Heap Corruption Problems
               Using Tuned Code
               Determining Tuning Needs
               Using Compiler Options Where Possible
               Tuning the Cache Performance
             - Managing Memory
                   Memory Use Strategies
                   Cache Terminology
                   Memory Hierarchy Latencies
         - Multiprocessor Code Tuning
               Data Decomposition
             - Parallelizing Your Code
                   Use MPT
                   Use OpenMP
                   OpenMP Nested Parallelism
                   Use Compiler Options
                   Identifying Parallel Opportunities in Existing Code
               Fixing False Sharing
               Using dplace and taskset
               Environment Variables for Performance Tuning
         - Understanding Parallel Speedup and Amdahl's Law
               Adding CPUs to Shorten Execution Time
             + Understanding Parallel Speedup
               Understanding Amdahl's Law
               Calculating the Parallel Fraction of a Program
               Predicting Execution Time with n CPUs
           Gustafson's Law
           Floating-point Programs Performance
           MPInside Profiling Tool
           SGI PerfBoost
         - Performance Tuning Running MPI on SGI UV Systems
               UV 100 and UV 1000 Hub ASIC
               UV 2000 Hub ASIC
               MPI Communication between Processes
               General Considerations
               Job Performance Types
               Other ccNUMA Performance Issues
     - Chapter 7. Flexible File I/O
           FFIO Operation
           Environment Variables
           Simple Examples
           Multithreading Considerations
           Application Examples
           Event Tracing
           System Information and Issues
     - Chapter 8. I/O Tuning
           Application Placement and I/O Resources
           Layout of Filesystems and XVM for Multiple RAIDs
     - Chapter 9. Suggested Shortcuts and Workarounds
         - Determining Process Placement
               Example Using pthreads
               Example Using OpenMP
               Combination Example (MPI and OpenMP)
         - Resetting System Limits
               Resetting the File Limit Resource Default
               Resetting the Default Stack Size
               Avoiding Segmentation Faults
               Resetting Virtual Memory Size
           Linux Shared Memory Accounting
           OFED Tuning Requirements for UPC and SHMEM
           Setting Java Enviroment Variables

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