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    COPAN™ MAID for DMF Quick Start Guide
    (document number: 007-5769-003  /  published: 2013-05-07)   additional info | download

    A summary description for this manual is not available at this time.

    table of contents (expand all | collapse all)  |  list of figures  |  list of tables  |  list of examples  |  list of procedures  |  

       Front Matter
       New Features in this Guide
     - About This Guide
           Related Publications
           Obtaining Publications
           Reader Comments
     - Chapter 1. Introduction
         - DMF in a COPAN MAID Environment
               System Overview
             - DMF Overview
                   COPAN MAID as Permanent Storage
                   COPAN MAID as Fast-Mount Cache
               RAID Sets
               Power Budget
               Shelf Management
               Backups and DMF
               Formatting the RAID Sets
               Naming Conventions
               Configuring OpenVault
               Summary of the Completed Configuration
         - Preliminary Requirements
               Set Up the DMF Server and COPAN MAID System
               Contact SGI to Apply the AOR Files
               Create the Directories that DMF Requires
             - Determine the Backup Requirements for Your Site
                   Site-Specific Factors to Consider for Backups to Disk
                   Backup Filesystem and RAID Set Requirements
                   Default Backup Policy for DMF and COPAN MAID
               Install the DMF Licenses
               Establish OpenVault Communication
           Overview of the Steps in this Guide
     - Chapter 2. Format the RAID sets and Create Volumes
         - Selecting Appropriate Cabinet Identifiers
               Cabinet ID Choice
               Cabinet ID Check (Existing Site Only)
           Matching Device Names to MAID Shelves
         - Formatting the RAID Sets for a Shelf and Creating Volumes
             - Summary of the ov_copan Command Syntax
                   Summary of ov_copan format Command Syntax
                   Summary of ov_copan create Command Syntax
               Format an Entire Shelf for DMF Use
             - Format a Shelf for Both DMF and Backups (Optional)
                   Formatting Considerations for Backup
                   Dedicate Entire RAID sets for Backups
                   Divide a RAID set into DMF and Backup Regions
     - Chapter 3. Configure OpenVault
           Use ov_shelf to Configure OpenVault for Each Shelf
           Activate the dmf Application Instances in OpenVault
     - Chapter 4. Configure DMF
         - Configure DMF Parameters
               Summary of Configuration Parameters
               Configure DMF for a New Site
               Configure COPAN MAID for an Existing DMF Site
           Provide DMF with the OpenVault Security Keys
           Import the DMF Volumes into OpenVault
     - Chapter 5. Test the DMF System
           Test that OpenVault Can Mount a Migration Volume
           Validate the DMF Configuration
           Enable Audits of the DMF-Managed Filesystems
           Test the DMF Configuration
     - Chapter 6. Maintenance Tasks
           Deleting a Volume from a RAID set
           Unformatting a RAID set
           Adding a COPAN MAID Cabinet or Shelf
           Verifying the OpenVault Components for a MAID Shelf
           Updating OpenVault Components After a Power Budget Change
           Removing OpenVault Components
           Stopping OpenVault Components
     - Chapter 7. Troubleshooting
           Displaying Information about MAID Shelves and RAID Sets
           Repairing OpenVault Components
           Unable to Delete a Volume

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