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IRIX 6.5 Linux Hardware Freeware (IRIX) Windows
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    SGI Linux™ Advanced Cluster Environment Administrator's Guide
    (document number: 007-4228-004  /  published: 2000-11-14)   additional info | download

    This guide tells you how to install and configure the Advanced Cluster Environment.

    table of contents (expand all | collapse all)  |  list of figures  |  list of tables  |  list of examples  |  list of procedures  |  

       Front Matter
       New Features in This Guide
     + About This Guide
     + Chapter 1. Introduction
       Chapter 2. Topology
     - Chapter 3. Preinstallation Requirements
         + TCP/IP Connectivity
           Remote Execution for root
           Installation of Additional Base OS Packages
         + Verification of Connectivity and Remote Access
     + Chapter 4. Installing ACE Software
     + Chapter 5. Rebuilding the Kernel when using Myrinet without SGI ProPack
     + Chapter 6. Installing the Myrinet Driver (gm)
       Chapter 7. Configure gm-mpich
     + Chapter 8. Verify the Installation
       Chapter 9. Upgrading an Existing Cluster
     + Chapter 10. Using and Enhancing Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
     + Chapter 11. Lconsole Utility
       Chapter 12. Building Products from Source RPMs
     + Chapter 13. Adding an Execution Node to the Cluster
       Chapter 14. Remove an Execution Node
       Chapter 15. Syncronizing Clocks in the Cluster
     + Chapter 16. Troubleshooting
     + Appendix A. Connecting the Digi EtherLite Serial Multiplexer

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