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    CXFS™ 5 Administration Guide for SGI® InfiniteStorage
    (document number: 007-4016-030  /  published: 2009-10-22)   additional info | download

    CXFS is clustered XFS, a clustered filesystem for high- performance computing environments. CXFS allows groups of computers to coherently share XFS filesystems among multiple hosts and storage devices while maintaining high performance. CXFS runs on storage area network (SAN) disks, such as Fibre Channel. This publication documents CXFS 5 running on a SAN for for SGI Altix systems running 64-bit Linux with SGI Foundation Software. It assumes that you are already familiar with the XFS file system and the XVM volume manager.

    table of contents (expand all | collapse all)  |  list of figures  |  list of tables  |  list of examples  |  list of procedures  |  

       Front Matter
       New Features in This Guide
     - About This Guide
           Related Publications
           Obtaining Publications
           Reader Comments
     + Chapter 1. Introduction to CXFS
     + Chapter 2. Best Practices
     + Chapter 3. SGI RAID for CXFS Clusters
     - Chapter 4. Switches
         - Brocade Switch
               Brocade Firmware
               Verifying the Brocade Switch Firmware Version
               Verifying the Brocade License
             + Limiting telnet Sessions
               Changing the Brocade FC Cable Connections
           QLogic Fibre Channel Switch
     + Chapter 5. CXFS License Keys
     + Chapter 6. Preinstallation Steps
     + Chapter 7. Server-Capable Administration Node Installation
     - Chapter 8. Postinstallation Steps
           Configuring /etc/exports on All Nodes
         + Configuring Server-Capable Administration Node System Files
         + Enabling GRIO (Optional)
     + Chapter 9. Initial Setup of the Cluster
     - Chapter 10. CXFS GUI
         + GUI Overview
         + Guided Configuration Tasks
         + Node Tasks with the GUI
         + Cluster Tasks with the GUI
         + Cluster Services Tasks with the GUI
         + Switches and I/O Fencing Tasks with the GUI
         + Filesystem Tasks with the GUI
         + Privileges Tasks with the GUI
     + Chapter 11. cxfs_admin Command
     + Chapter 12. Administration and Maintenance
     + Chapter 13. Cluster Database Management
     + Chapter 14. Monitoring Status
     - Chapter 15. Troubleshooting
         + Troubleshooting Strategy
         + Common Problems
         + Understanding Error Messages
         + Corrective Actions
           Using SGI Knowledgebase
           Reporting Problems to SGI
     + Appendix A. CXFS Software Architecture
       Appendix B. IP Filtering for the CXFS Private Network
       Appendix C. Path Summary
     + Appendix D. System Reset Configuration
     + Appendix E. System Tunable Parameters
     + Appendix F. Reference to cmgr Tasks
       Appendix G. Migration from cmgr to cxfs_admin
     + Appendix H. Migration from a Cluster with IRIX Server-Capable Administration Nodes
       Appendix I. Deprecated Commands
       Appendix J. Initial Configuration Checklist
     + Appendix K. Summary of New Features from Previous Releases

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