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MIPSpro™ Fortran 90 Commands and Directives Reference Manual
(document number: 007-3696-005  /  published: 2003-08-15)   additional info | download

Describes the f90(1) command and the directives supported by the MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 compiler. The MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 compiler conforms to the Fortran 95 standard. This revision supports the MIPSpro 7.4 release.

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   Front Matter
   New Features in this Document
 - About This Manual
       Related Publications
       Compiler Messages
       Compiler Man Pages
       Related Fortran Publications
       Obtaining Publications
       Reader Comments
 - Chapter 1. Introduction
       The f90(1) Command
       The Compiler Programming Environment
 - Chapter 2. The F90 Command Line
       f90 command line options
 - Chapter 3. General Directives
     - Using Directives
           Directives and Command Line Options
           Directive Range
           Directive Continuation and Other Considerations
       LNO Directives
     - Symbol Storage Directives
           Control Symbol Alignment and Padding
           Declare a Synchronization Point
           Specify Global Pointer Use
       Inlining and IPA Directives
 - Chapter 4. OpenMP Fortran API Multiprocessing Directives
       Using Directives
       Conditional Compilation
       Parallel Region Constructs
       Work-sharing Constructs
       Combined Parallel Work-sharing Constructs
       Synchronization Constructs
     + Data Environment Constructs
       Directive Binding
       Directive Nesting
 - Chapter 5. CF90 Directives
     - Using Directives
           Directive Continuation
           Directive Range and Placement
           Interaction of Directives with the -x Command Line Option
       Checking Array Bounds
       Specifying Source Form
       Creating Identification String
       Ignoring Dummy Argument Type, Kind, and Rank
       Ignoring Vector Dependencies
       Mapping External Names
       Inhibiting Loop Interchange
       Determining Register Storage
       Designating a Nest to Task
       Tasking Directives
       Unrolling Loops
 - Chapter 6. Source Preprocessing
       General Rules
     - Directives
           #include Directive
           #define Directive
           #undef Directive
           # (Null) Directive
         - Conditional Directives
               #if Directive
               #ifdef Directive
               #ifndef Directive
               #elif Directive
               #else Directive
               #endif Directive
       Predefined Macros
 - Chapter 7. Interlanguage Calling
     - External and Public Names
           Fortran Treatment of External and Public Names
           Calling a Fortran Subprogram from C
           Calling a C Function from Fortran
     + Correspondence of Fortran and C Data Types
       How Fortran Passes Arguments
     - Calling Fortran from C
           Calling a Fortran Subroutine from C
           Calling a Fortran Function from C
     - Calling C from Fortran
           Calls to C Functions
           Using Fortran Common Blocks in C Code
           Using Fortran Arrays in C Code
         - Calls to C Using LOC and %VAL
               Using %VAL
               Using LOC
       Calling Assembly Language from Fortran
 - Chapter 8. The Auto-Parallelizing Option (APO)
     - f90(1) Command Line Options That Affect APO
           -apokeep and -apolist
     - Files
           The file.list File
           The file.w2f.f File
           About the .m and .anl Files
       Running Your Program
     - Troubleshooting Incomplete Optimizations
         - Constructs That Inhibit Parallelization
               Loops Containing Data Dependencies
               Loops Containing Function Calls
               Loops Containing GO TO Statements
               Loops Containing Problematic Array Constructs
               Loops Containing Local Variables
         + Constructs That Slow Down Parallelized Code
     - Compiler Directives
           !*$* ASSERT DO (CONCURRENT)
           !*$* ASSERT DO (SERIAL)
           !*$* ASSERT PERMUTATION (array_name)
 - Appendix A. Libraries
       Miscellaneous Library Routines
       Library Functions
       Compatibility with sproc(2)

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