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IRIX® Device Driver Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-0911-210  /  published: 2003-11-07)   additional info | download

The IRIX Device Driver Programmer's Guide describes how hardware devices are integrated into and controlled from a Silicon Graphics computer system (Origin 2000, Origin 200, Octane, and Onyx2 systems) running the IRIX 6.5 release. Different parts of the guide discuss the kernel- level drivers, VME devices, SCSI devices, network interfaces, EISA, GIO, PCI, and STREAMS drivers.

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   Front Matter
 + New Features in This Guide
 + About This Guide
 + Part I. IRIX Device Integration
 + Part II. Device Control From Process Space
 - Part III. Kernel-Level Drivers
     + Chapter 7. Structure of a Kernel-Level Driver
     - Chapter 8. Device Driver/Kernel Interface
         + Important Data Types
           Important Header Files
         + Kernel Memory Allocation
         + Transferring Data
         + Managing Virtual and Physical Addresses
         + Hardware Graph Management
         + User Process Administration
         - Waiting and Mutual Exclusion
               Mutual Exclusion Compared to Waiting
               Basic Locks
             + Long-Term Locks
               Reader/Writer Locks
               Priority Level Functions
             + Waiting for Time to Pass
               Waiting for Memory to Become Available
             + Waiting for Block I/O to Complete
             + Waiting for a General Event
             + Semaphores
             + Using Kernel Threads
     + Chapter 9. Building and Installing a Driver
     + Chapter 10. Testing and Debugging a Driver
     + Chapter 11. Driver Example
 + Part IV. VME Device Drivers
 + Part V. SCSI Device Drivers
 - Part VI. Network Drivers
     - Chapter 17. Network Device Drivers
         + Overview of Network Drivers
         + Network Driver Interfaces
         + Multiprocessor Considerations
           Example ifnet Driver
 + Part VII. EISA Drivers
 + Part VIII. GIO Drivers
 + Part IX. PCI Drivers
 - Part X. STREAMS Drivers
     + Chapter 22. STREAMS Drivers
 + Appendix A. SGI Driver/Kernel API
 + Appendix B. Challenge DMA with Multiple IO4 Boards

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