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Digital Media Programming Guide
(document number: 007-1799-060  /  published: 1996-11-29)   additional info | download

The Digital Media Programming Guide describes the Silicon Graphics digital media development (DMdev) environment, a family of development libraries that provides C-language based application programming interfaces for digital media I/O, file operations, playback, and conversions.

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   Front Matter
 + About This Guide
 + Chapter 1. Introduction to the Digital Media Libraries
 + Chapter 2. Digital Media Essentials
 + Chapter 3. Digital Media Parameters
 + Chapter 4. Digital Media I/O
 + Chapter 5. Digital Media Buffers
 + Chapter 6. Digital Media Data Conversion
 - Chapter 7. Digital Media Audio File Operations
     + About the Audio File Library
     + Creating and Configuring Audio Files
     + Opening, Closing, and Identifying Audio Files
     + Reading and Writing Audio Track Information
     + Audio File Library Programming Tips
 + Appendix A. Digital Media Conversion Libraries

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