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IRIX 6.5 Linux Hardware Freeware (IRIX) Windows
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Performance Co-Pilot™ for IRIX® User's and Administrator's Guide
(document number: 007-3964-003  /  published: 2003-01-04)   additional info | download

This guide documents the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) features that are embedded in the IRIX operating system. It is a prequel to the Performance Co-Pilot for IRIX Advanced User's and Administrator's Guide, which describes the systems-level suite of advanced performance tools in the PCP product.

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   Front Matter
   New Features in This Guide
 + About This Guide
 + Chapter 1. Introduction to Performance Co-Pilot
 + Chapter 2. Installing and Configuring Performance Co-Pilot
 + Chapter 3. Common Conventions and Arguments
 + Chapter 4. Monitoring System Performance
 + Chapter 5. Performance Metrics Inference Engine
 - Chapter 6. Archive Logging
     + Introduction to Archive Logging
     + Using Archive Logs with Performance Visualization Tools
     + Archive Log File Management
     + Other Archive Logging Features and Services
     + Cookbook for Archive Logging
     + Archive Logging Troubleshooting
 + Chapter 7. Performance Co-Pilot Deployment Strategies
 + Chapter 8. Customizing and Extending PCP Services
   Appendix A. Acronyms

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