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IRISŪ HIPPI Administrator's Guide
(document number: 007-2229-006  /  published: 1999-06-17)   additional info | download

This guide describes network administration for the SGI High- Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) network product. It contains chapters on configuring, maintaining, and monitoring the interface, as well as a chapter describing the HIPPI protocol.

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   Front Matter
 - Introduction
       Support for Upper Layer Applications
       Style Conventions
       Product Support
       Obtaining Updated or Paper-copy Versions of This Document
 - Chapter 1. What is HIPPI?
     - Introduction to the HIPPI Protocol
           HIPPI Terminology
           How HIPPI Works
           Connection Control
           Packet and Flow Control
         - HIPPI MAC-Level Routing
               Logical Addressing
               Source Addressing
         - IP Address Resolution with HARP
               HARP Registration Phase
               HARP Operation Phase
           HARP Broadcast Emulation
     - The Protocol
           The I-field
           The FP Header
           The Signals
     - HIPPI Configurations
           Basic HIPPI Configurations
           HIPPI Fabric Configurations
       The HIPPI Standards and Documentation
     - Implementation Details for IRIS HIPPI
         - How HIPPI Ports Are Assigned to IP Interfaces
               On CHALLENGE and Onyx Platforms
               On Origin and Onyx2 Platforms
           Site Cabling
           Application Programming Interface
         + Handling of HIPPI Protocol for HIPPI-LE
 - Chapter 2. Configuring IRIS HIPPI
     - Overview of Configuration Steps
           IRIS HIPPI Without IP Support
           IRIS HIPPI With IP Support
       Checking If IRIS HIPPI Software Has Been Installed
     - /var/sysgen/system/*.sm Files
           Including or Excluding IP Support
           Including or Excluding HARP Functionality
           Including or Excluding Bypass Functionality
       /var/sysgen/master.d/hippi File
       /var/sysgen/master.d/if_hip File
       /var/sysgen/master.d/harp File
       /var/sysgen/master.d/hippibp File
       /var/sysgen/master.d/hps File
     - /usr/etc/ifhip.conf File
           Guidelines for Selecting a HARP Server
           ifhip.conf File Syntax
           Mapping ifhip.conf Addresses with Switch Ports
           Using Multiple HARP Servers
     - /usr/etc/hippi.imap File
           I-Field Templates
     - Editing IP Configuration Files
           Enable IP Networking
           /etc/config/netif.options File
           /etc/hosts File
           /etc/config/ifconfig-#.options File
       Building a New or Reconfigured Driver Into the Operating System
       List of All Configurable Items
 - Chapter 3. Maintaining, Monitoring, Verifying, and Troubleshooting IRIS HIPPI
       Commands Available for IRIS HIPPI
     - Step-by-Step Instructions for Common Procedures
           Disable or Enable IRIS HIPPI Board
           Configure Board to Reject or Accept Connection Requests
           Check Status
           Disable or Enable an IP Interface
           Change IP Network Interface Parameters
           Configuring HIPPI Dynamic ARP (HARP)
           Change the Static ARP Table That Maps IP Addresses to I-fields
           Display the ARP Table That Is Currently in Memory
           Set Timeout for Source Channel Connections
           Display ULA (MAC) Address
     - Installing a Loopback Link
           Loopback Link for Challenge or Onyx Systems
           Loopback for Origin and Onyx2 Systems
     - Verifying the HIPPI Subsystem
           Verify That the Board Has Been Located by the Software
         - Verify the Board and Its HIPPI-FP Interface
               Fast and Quick Verification Test
               Extensive Verification Test
           Verify a HIPPI Host-To-Host Interface
           Verify an IP-over-HIPPI Interface
     - Troubleshooting
           Troubleshoot the Board and Its HIPPI-FP Interface
           Troubleshoot an IP Interface
           Troubleshoot the HARP Server
           Interpreting Status Information
 + Chapter 4. IRIS HIPPI Error Messages

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