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Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-0711-060  /  published: 1994-04-10)   additional info | download

The Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide provides information about implementing Fortran 77 programs using IRIX. It documents compiling, linking, and running Fortran 77 programs, program interfaces, system functions, and subroutines. It is intended for users with some experience with Fortran 77. The online version ships with the Fortran 77 software option. This documentation describes the -o32 compiler; for information about the -n32 and -n64 compilers, see the MIPSpro Fortran 77 documentation set.

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   Front Matter
 + Introduction
 + Chapter 1. Compiling, Linking, and Running Programs
 - Chapter 2. Storage Mapping
       Alignment, Size, and Value Ranges
     + Access of Misaligned Data
 + Chapter 3. Fortran Program Interfaces
 + Chapter 4. System Functions and Subroutines
 + Chapter 5. Fortran Enhancements for Multiprocessors
 + Chapter 6. Compiling and Debugging Parallel Fortran
   Appendix A. Run-Time Error Messages

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