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MineSet™ Enterprise Edition  Interface Guide
(document number: 007-3993-002  /  published: 2000-11-29)   additional info | download

The MineSet 3.0 Enterprise Edition Interface Guide describes MineSet setup and file management procedures, as well as the Application Programming Interface for this suite of database mining and visualization tools. MineSet allows you to mine and graphically display quantitative information in ways that help you better understand your data. Current information about the MineSet product can be found on the Web at

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   Front Matter
 + About This Guide
 + Chapter 1. MineSet Overview
 + Chapter 2. Configuring and Setting Up MineSet
 + Chapter 3. File Exchange between MineSet and SAS (IRIX only)
 + Chapter 4. MineSet Web Extensions
 + Chapter 5. Data and Configuration File Basics
 + Chapter 6. Flat File Support for MineSet
 + Chapter 7. Creating Data and Configuration Files for the Tree Visualizer
 + Chapter 8. Creating Data, Configuration, Hierarchy, and .gfx Files for the Map Visualizer
 + Chapter 9. Creating Data and Configuration Files for the Scatter Visualizer
 + Chapter 10. Creating Data and Configuration Files for the Splat Visualizer
   Chapter 11. Creating Data and Configuration Files for the Decision Table Visualizer
   Chapter 12. Format of the Evidence Visualizer's Data File
 - Chapter 13. Nulls in MineSet
       Semantics of Nulls
       Representation of Nulls
     + Operations on Nulls
       Aggregations in the Presence of Nulls
       Sort Order for Nulls
       Bins and Arrays with Nulls
 + Chapter 14. ActiveX Visualization Control API for MineSet Visualizers
 + Appendix A. Further Reading and Acknowledgments

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