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IRIX™ Admin: System Configuration and Operation
(document number: 007-2859-001  /  published: 1996-03-18)   additional info | download

This guide lists good general system administration practices and describes system administration tasks, including configuring the operation system; managing user accounts, user processes, and disk resources; interacting with the system while in the PROM monitor; and tuning system performance.

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   Front Matter
 + About This Guide
 + Chapter 1. Introduction To System Configuration and Operation
 + Chapter 2. Making the Most of IRIX
 + Chapter 3. System Startup and Shutdown
 + Chapter 4. Configuring The IRIX Operating System
 + Chapter 5. Configuring User Accounts and Managing User Issues
 + Chapter 6. Configuring Disk and Swap Space
 + Chapter 7. Managing User Processes
 + Chapter 8. Managing cadmin
 + Chapter 9. Maintaining the File Alteration Monitor
 + Chapter 10. Using The Command (PROM) Monitor
 - Chapter 11. System Performance Tuning
     + Theory of System Performance Tuning
     + Application Tuning
     + Monitoring the Operating System
     + Tuning The Operating System
 - Appendix A. IRIX Kernel Tunable Parameters
       Format of This Appendix
     + General Parameters
     + System Limits Parameters
     + Resource Limits Parameters
     + Paging Parameters
       IPC Parameters
     + IPC Messages Parameters
     + IPC Semaphores Parameters
     + IPC Shared Memory Parameters
     + Streams Parameters
     + Signal Parameters
     + Dispatch Parameters
     + EFS Parameters
     + Loadable Drivers Parameters
     + CPU Actions Parameters
     + Switch Parameters
     - Timer parameters
     + NFS Parameters
     + Socket Parameters
     + VINO Parameters
     + Extended Accounting Parameters
 + Appendix B. Troubleshooting System Configuration Using System Error Messages
 + Appendix C. IRIX Directories and Files
   Appendix D. Encapsulated PostScript File v.3.0 vs. PostScript File Format
   Appendix E. Bibliography and Suggested Reading

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