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Indigo Magic™ User Interface Guidelines
(document number: 007-2167-002  /  published: 1996-03-18)   additional info | download

This guide is intended for developers of software products used on Silicon Graphics workstations, including software engineers, user interface (UI) designers, and human factors specialists. Its purpose is to help you create products that are consistent with other applications and that integrate seamlessly into the Indigo Magic Desktop environment. This guide contains two major parts: Part I describes how users might want to interact with your application from the Desktop. It covers the Desktop, icon design, application windows, Indigo Magic Desktop services, and interoperability among applications. Part II describes the individual components of the Silicon Graphics interface, such as menus, dialogs, and controls, and presents examples of appropriate and inappropriate ways to use them.

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   Front Matter
 + About This Guide
 + Part I. Integrating With the Indigo Magic Desktop
 + Part II. Interface Components
 + Appendix A. Summary of Guidelines

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