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    SGI Internet Server for Messaging Guide
    (document number: 007-3878-001  /  published: 2000-06-08)   additional info | download

    A summary description for this manual is not available at this time.

    list of tables  |  table of contents  |  list of figures  |  list of examples  |  list of procedures  |  

       Table 1. Typographical Conventions
       Table 1-1. Messaging Usage for Minimum Hardware Requirements
       Table 1-2. Hard Drive Space Requirements by OS Platform
       Table 1-3. Important File Locations
       Table 1-4. List of Installation Settings
       Table 3-1. msdb_test  Options
       Table 3-2. Default Directory Structure of a Backup
       Table 3-3. msdb_recover  Options
       Table 4-1. ms.conf Required Options
       Table 4-2. SASL Plugin Options
       Table 4-3. SASL Plugin Examples
       Table 4-4. Recommended M-Store Configuration Options
       Table 4-5. Optional ms.conf  Entries
       Table 4-6. authproxyd  Options
       Table 4-7. storemgr Options
       Table 5-1. reconstruct  Options
       Table 5-2. reconstruct  Examples
       Table 6-1. Administration Permission Levels
       Table 9-1. /etc/md/store/ Configuration Files
       Table 9-2. Locations of the Installed Bootscript
       Table 9-3. /usr/local/md/ Executable Support Files
       Table 9-4. /var/md/store/ Runtime Data Files
       Table 9-5. M-Store Database Files
       Table 9-6. M-Store Binary Mailbox Files
       Table 10-1. ms.conf Required Options
       Table 10-2. SASL Plugin Options
       Table 10-3. SASL Plugin Option Examples
       Table 10-4. Recommended M-Store Configuration Options
       Table 10-5. Optional ms.conf  Entries
       Table 10-6. authproxyd  Options
       Table 10-7. rc.m-store Parameters
       Table 10-8. storemgr Options
       Table 10-9. M-Store Message Tables
       Table 11-1. authproxyd  Options
       Table 11-2. authproxyd Configuration Options
       Table 11-3. authproxy-authmech  Configuration Variables
       Table 11-4. imapd  Options
       Table 11-5. lmtpd  Options
       Table 11-6. pop3 Options
       Table 12-1. msadm_tclsh  Options
       Table 12-2. msadm_tclsh Generic Commands
       Table 12-3. msadm_tclsh Site Administration Commands
       Table 12-4. msadm_tclsh  Domain Management Commands
       Table 12-5. msadm_tclsh  Account Management Commands
       Table 12-6. msadm_tclsh  Account Mapping (alias) Commands
       Table 12-7. User Mailbox Management Commands
       Table 12-8. User Mailbox Management Commands
       Table 12-9. msadm_bulkadd  Options
       Table 12-10. msadm_bulkdel  Options
       Table 12-11. msdb_archive  Options
       Table 12-12. Default Directory Structure of a Backup
       Table 12-13. msdb_checkpoint  Options
       Table 12-14. msdb_recover  Options
       Table 12-15. msdb_test  Options
       Table 12-16. reconstruct  Options
       Table 12-17. reconstruct Examples
       Table 12-18. msdb_upgrade  Options
       Table 13-1. deliver  Options (required)

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