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IRIX 6.5 Linux Hardware Freeware (IRIX) Windows
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    Porting IRIX® Applications to SGI® Altix® Platforms: SGI ProPack™ for Linux®
    (document number: 007-4674-001  /  published: 2004-05-14)   additional info | download

    This publication provides information about porting an application to the SGI Altix platform.

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       Table 1-1. Platform Comparison
       Table 1-2. Development Tools Comparison
       Table 1-3. Development Libraries Comparison
       Table 1-4. Platform Layer Porting Issues
       Table 3-1. C data type sizes in 32-bit and 64-bit ABI
       Table 4-1. Development Process
       Table 4-2. Intel Compiler Versions
       Table 4-3. C Language Standard Support Summary
       Table 4-4. Fortran Language Standard Support Summary
       Table 4-5. Common Compiler Flags on IRIX and Linux (Both Intel and GNU)
       Table 4-6. Similar Compiler Flags on MIPSpro and Intel compilers
       Table 4-7. Conflicting Compiler Options
       Table 4-8. Intel-only Flags
       Table 4-9. Compiler Directives for Tuning and Debugging
       Table 5-1. Development Process
       Table 5-2. IRIX and Linux Common Archiver Options
       Table 5-3. Additional Object File Tools
       Table 5-4. Command Line Debugger Commonly Used Commands
       Table 5-5. Flags
       Table 6-1. System-Specific MPT features
       Table 7-1. IRIX 6.5 vs. Linux Pthread Feature Comparison
       Table 8-1. IRIX and Linux device naming examples
       Table 8-2. IRIX and Linux Security Features

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