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IRISŪ HIPPI Administrator's Guide
(document number: 007-2229-006  /  published: 1999-06-17)   additional info | download

This guide describes network administration for the SGI High- Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) network product. It contains chapters on configuring, maintaining, and monitoring the interface, as well as a chapter describing the HIPPI protocol.

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   Table 1-1. Logical Address Formats
   Table 1-2. Summary of Routing Control Field Bits
   Table 1-3. Summary of I Field Bits
   Table 1-4. Summary of FP Header Bits
   Table 1-5. HIPPI-PH Signal Summary
   Table 1-6. Source Routing Path Switch Totals
   Table 1-7. Recommended Maximum Switches Per Appendix B of RFC 1374
   Table 1-8. Silicon Graphics 62.5-micron Core Cable Lengths
   Table 1-9. Some ANSI-standard Cable Specifications
   Table 1-10. HIPPI_LE I-Field Bit Usage
   Table 1-11. HIPPI-FP Header Creation
   Table 1-12. HIPPI-LE Header Creation (D1 Data Set)
   Table 1-13. 802-2 Header Creation
   Table 1-14. HIPPI-FP Header Handling
   Table 1-15. HIPPI-LE Header Summary
   Table 1-16. 802.2 Header Bits Summary
   Table 2-1. Alphabetic Summary of HIPPI Configuration Items
   Table 3-1. HIPPI Command Summary
   Table 3-2. hipcntl Display Fields (Challenge and Onyx)
   Table 3-3. hipcntl Display Fields (Origin and Onyx2)
   Table 3-4. hipcntl Command Status Information (Challenge and Onyx)
   Table 3-5. hipcntrl Command Status Information (Origin and Onyx2)

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