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    OpenVault™ Application Programmer's Guide
    (document number: 007-3216-005  /  published: 2003-09-12)   additional info | download

    This guide describes how to write OpenVault client applications that make requests, which the media library manager fulfills by directing control programs to perform media management operations (including mount and unmount) on storage devices. OpenVault is middleware that allows multiple applications to manage removable media. The product supports a wide range of removable media libraries and drives, and helps simplify the administration and programming of such devices.

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       Front Matter
       New Features in This Guide
     - About This Guide
           Intended Audience
           What This Guide Contains
           Related Publications
           Obtaining Publications
           Reader Comments
     - Chapter 1. OpenVault Overview
           What OpenVault Does
           Why OpenVault Is Needed
           OpenVault as Middleware
         - OpenVault Architecture
               MLM Server
               Cartridge Naming
               Communication Paths
         - OpenVault Interfaces
               CAPI for Client Applications
               AAPI for Administrative Applications
             - Abstract Library Interface (ALI)
                   ALI Commands
                   ALI/R Commands
             - Abstract Drive Interface (ADI)
                   ADI Commands
                   ADI/R Commands
               Administrative Commands
     - Chapter 2. Client and Administrative API
         - Communication Protocols
               Version Negotiation Language
               Authentication Requests
               Command Phases
             - Protocol Layers
                   Semantic Layer
                   Parser and Generator Layer
                   Over-the-Wire CAPI and CAPI/R Layer
                   OpenVault IPC Layer
                   TCP/IP Socket Layer
               Language Conventions
           Persistent Storage
         - CAPI/AAPI Operational Model
               Command Sequencing
               Objects and Their Attributes
               Relationships between Objects
               Function Oriented Commands
               Security Model
               OpenVault Timestamps
         - AAPI Command Descriptions
               Character Set and Quoting Considerations
               Command Element Ordering
               Session Management Commands
             - Device Control Commands
                   eject Command
                   inject Command
                   mount Command
                   move Command
                   reject Command
                   unmount Command
             - Database Manipulation Commands
                   allocate Command
                   attribute Command
                   create Command
                   deallocate Command
                   delete Command
                   forget Command
                   rename Command
                   show Command
         - Semantics of Common Syntactic Elements
               General Order of Operator Evaluation
             - Description of Shared Syntax Elements
                   Object Type and Field Name
                   volname Operator
                   match Operator
                   order Operator
                   number Operator
                   report and reportMode Operators
                   text Operator
               Glossary of match Keywords
               Command Return Formats and Values
           AAPI Command Examples
     - Chapter 3. OpenVault Programming with Perl
           Disabling Security
         - Programming OpenVault with Perl
               Outline of an OpenVault Perl Script
               Hints for Writing OpenVault Perl Scripts
         - Sample Perl Scripts
             - Script
                   ov_stat with -u Option
             - demo_show Script
                   ov_drive with -l .* and -Z Options
                   demo_show Example
     - Chapter 4. Programming the C Interface
           CAPI and AAPI
         - Client Development Framework
               OpenVault Client-Server IPC
               CAPI Generator and CAPI/R Parser
               C Library Routines
               Common Framework
         - Defined Tokens List
               Drive Capabilities
               Cartridge Form Factors
               Media Bit Formats
               Cartridge Types
               Partition Names
               Attribute Names
     - Appendix A. Error Messages
           AAPI Error Messages and Commands
           AAPI Command Error Messages
           OpenVault Error Tokens
     - Appendix B. Syntax Specification
           AAPI Language Syntax
           CAPI Language Differences

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