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Video Format Compiler Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-3402-003  /  published: 1998-06-15)   additional info | download

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   Front Matter
 - Introduction
     - Compiler Functions
         - Rules-Based Operation
               Sample Rules
               Legitimate Hardware Rules
               Specifying Rule Sets
       Simple Video Formats Using Templates
       Detailed Video Formats Using Native Compiler Language
 - Chapter 1. Running the Compiler With a Template
       For Users of InfiniteReality
     - Template Overview
           The Way Templates Work
           Template Location
           Writing Your Own Template
     - How to Use the Compiler With Templates
         - Compiler Options
               Passing Parameters to the Template
 - Chapter 2. Using the Block Sync Template
       About the Created Format
       Examples of Template Use
 - Chapter 3. Building Blocks of a Video Format
       Architecture of a Video Frame
       The Horizontal Line
       The Vertical Interval
       Level of Sync
     - The Field of the Format
           Interlaced Formats
         - Stereo Formats
               Per-Window Stereo
               Full-Screen Stereo
       Definitions of Components
       The Pixel-to-Clock Ratio
 - Chapter 4. Compiling Native Language Video Formats
       Specification of Rules Files
       Format Analysis
       The Pre-Processor and Its Options
 - Chapter 5. Native Compiler Language
     - Building a Video Frame
           The High-Resolution Format
           Execution Order
     - Assignment Statements
         - Time Expressions
               Permissible Syntax
         - User-Defined Variables
               Data Types
               Storage Classes
               Scope and Lifetime
     - The General Parameters Section
           The Pixel Rate
       The Active Line Section
     - The Field Description
           Field Components
         - Sync Transition Set
               Sync Level
           Field Attributes
 - Chapter 6. Examples of Native Compiler Language
       Using Examples
       Interlaced Format
       Stereo Format
       Color Field Sequential
       No Transitions
 - Chapter 7. Board Hardware Definition
     - General Notes About Writing Definition Files
         - Statements
               Control Statements
               Diagnostic Statements
     - Board Description
           Parameter Definition
           Board Signal Assignment
           Special Signal Definition
     - Rules Definition
           The Edge Database
           Initial State
           The set signal Statement for Transitions
         - The within Statement for Location
               Nesting Statements
               How You Can Use Range Information
               Default Range
               Ranges That Do Not Fall on Whole-Unit Boundaries
         - The User Signals for Reference
               User Sync Signal
               User Blank Signal
               User Active Signal
         - System-Defined Variables
               Field Attribute Variables
               Format Information Variables
           Built-In Functions
         - Examples of Writing Rules
               Copying User Sync
               Copying Another Signal With Changes
               Calculating Scalar Variables
               Control Statements
       Pre-Processing and Post-Processing Statements
       Communication Between Format Source and Rules Files
 - Chapter 8. Line-Based Format Definition Language
     - The Line-Based Language
       Anticipating Line-Based Definitions in the Rules
   Appendix A. Native Language Grammar

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