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SGI® OpenGL Multipipe™ SDK Programmer's Guide
(document number: 007-4527-003  /  published: 2004-01-23)   additional info | download

This guide describes OpenGL Multipipe SDK (MPK), which is a software development toolkit that allows you to adapt your graphics applications to run in immersive environments and to take advantage of the scalability provided by multiple pipes and other scalable graphics hardware. This guide describes how application programmers can adapt OpenGL graphics applications to fit the MPK programming model. The manual SGI OpenGL Multipipe SDK User's Guide targets Reality Center administrators, who configure graphics applications to run in multipipe environments.

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   Front Matter
   New Features in This Release
 + About This Guide
 + Chapter 1. Overview
 + Chapter 2. The MPK Programming Model
 + Chapter 3. Using Compounds
 + Chapter 4. Culling
 + Chapter 5. Advanced MPK Programming
 + Appendix A. MPK Attributes

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